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wonderful series of shots of the religious tattoo's, from the talks I have had with various tattoo artists, there pretty popular over here as well


through their tattoos... they're expressing their faith...

Gérard Méry

Bientôt Obama pour le vie ?


I don't see that happening very fast over here: religious tattoos.


le christ endiablé avec de petites cornes, ils ont une bonne dose d humour! :-))

dennis villegas

These tattoos make me want to kneel and pray in front of these men...


hello sidney, it's a pleasure to be back at your blog. your photojournals are often just the right way for me to spend a rainy weekend afternoon.

i'm due to get myself a small tattoo in honor of last year's birthday...


Major Tom

I heard once how these religious tattoos could be also contemplated as amulets, could even sway mortal bullets. I wonder if they're true...

Ashish Sidapara

I find the first tattoo very interesting!


some intriguing tattoos in this one, particularly the first one,
greta work, keep them coming

Craig Wilson

Love the first tattoo, half devil half Jesus! Nice set of images.


Hmm...I wonder what the churches thought of this? I'm just curious.


Ugh, pressed the wrong button and it went.

I was just saying that I saw many religious tattoos among my relatives. The crucified ones on the pectorals are usually common.

These are beautiful. I guess tattoo is an artform too.

luna miranda

interesting tattoo in the top photo...a two-faced man, good & evil---said to be a mark of deliberate deceptiveness. probably a favorite tattoo of con artists.:D


Pour ma part: Ni Dieu, ni maitre !
Alors, quand je vois jusqu'où peut aller l'hystérie religieuse... "Heureux les simples d'esprits, le royaume des cieux leurs appartient!"


Ah Ah c'est ce qu'on appelle avoir la religion dans la peau! C'est amusant ces peaux comme des feuilles jamais achevés toujours complétés dans la plus grande anarchie


I will never understand how people that end there life committing crimes most if not all against the rules of all religions, can be so religious.


The Jesus in the first tattoo looks like evil to me! lol


I guess that's the usual symbol people would use, noh? Even some Chinese here do use the deities that we worship as tattoo characters. Pero, interesting, di ba?


Jesus and the devil in one tattoo, eh? That's a little creepy.


La religion comme une protection, une humanité à fleur de peau ? Je m'excuse Sidney : je ne maîtrise pas l'anglais, alors, plutôt que de l'écorcher... :-)

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